Medic Monday with Madison Hatfield

After a brief hiatus, Medic Monday is back! We have the pleasure of introducing you to Madison Hatfield. Madison or as her friends know her, Madi, is an EMT Basic. Madi has an Allied Health degree from Texas A&M with a minor in Human Resources. She is also a Field Training Officer, helping train new CCEMS employees. Here is a brief interview with Madi.

What made you get into EMS?

The dream to help people with their medical conditions when most wouldn’t believe them. I’ve had people not believe me and it’s hard to explain issues that aren’t visible.

What has made you stay in EMS?

The excitement. You never know what call you’re going to get that creates a challenge when trying to help people no matter what hour it is on your 24 hour shift.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Again, never knowing what you’re going to get. We get calls that can be transported non-emergency (stable patients) to emergency traffic (cpr’s, strokes, heart attacks etc.) and the process of figuring out of what is going on and how to treat them is exciting but also the greatest feeling ever when you can help someone.

What are you excited for in the future of EMS? 

Becoming a paramedic and experiencing the new protocols. Medicine is always changing and being able to change with it is an exciting learning experience.

Any advice you would give to someone just starting out or thinking of joining EMS?

Stay confident but stay humble. You’ll never know everything and your experiences are different than other’s experience’s. Lastly, listen… whether it’s to patients or other EMS workers/ hospital staff. You learn from experience many times.

Anything you would like to add?

Stay patient with your calls. There will be days where you won’t get more than an hour sleep, and there will be days that you don’t understand why the patient didn’t drive themselves.. but this is the patient’s emergency and you got in this job to help people… so help them with all the kindness you have because you never know the difference you’re making by just showing up.