Cypress Creek EMS Submits Complete 22 Points of Financial Information Requested by ESD 11 Commissioners


Cypress Creek EMS
Contact: Miranda Sevcik 713-515-9729

Cypress Creek EMS Submits Complete 22 Points of Financial Information Requested by ESD 11 Commissioners

Houston, TX September 16, 2020: The Emergency Services District No. 11 (ESD 11) auditor confirms the requested financial information from Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS) has been submitted in full.  ESD 11 Commissioners have been shorting CCEMS contractually-obligated payments by 30% since June 18 until CCEMS complied with their demands for complete access to proprietary information.  After denying CCEMS’s offer to disclose just the financials required under the current contract, CCEMS offered ESD 11’s auditor full access to records and books with a reasonable restriction on disclosure to others.  This good faith compromise was also rejected by ESD 11 and ESD 11 Commissioners then gave one year’s notice to terminate the contract with CCEMS “for convenience”.

“We anticipate the ESD 11 Commissioners will honor the remaining time on our contract and pay us the past-due amount of $2,517,500 in full tomorrow at their board meeting,” says Wren Nealy Jr., chief executive officer for Cypress Creek EMS.  “We hope the community understands the financial fallout a ESD 11 takeover of 911 responder services really means.  Our district’s current tax rate is only three and a half cents because CCEMS pays 49% of the 911 EMS budgetary needs.”

CCEMS has been continually approached by community members encouraging negotiation with ESD 11 Commissoners in an effort to continue service to the 600,000 plus people they serve.  Judge Lincoln Goodwin has even offered to mediate the process pro bono. CCEMS continues its efforts to get ESD 11 Commissioners to sit down, board to board, and discuss an alternative course of action.  The ball is in their court.

About Cypress Creek EMS

Cypress Creek EMS covers a 177 square mile area of northern Harris county with approximately 560,000 residents. CCEMS is known nationally as an innovator in prehospital medicine. For example, CCEMS was the first civilian EMS in the country to transfuse whole blood into a trauma patient in the field. CCEMS is also part of a Military EMS Fellowship that is bringing battlefield medicine to civilian EMS to reduce deaths due to trauma.  This means CCEMS fronts the expense of providing a Military physician board certified in emergency medicine and paramedics with Whole Blood to the community they serve.  


Contact: Miranda Sevcik 713-515-9729

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