Lightning Strike At CCEMS Communication Center

Houston, TX September 5, 2020 Yesterday afternoon the CCEMS Comm Center showed once again why they are the best of the best when Mother Nature delivered a lightning strike to the building, and not a single dispatch was missed or interrupted. 

Around 3 pm, a passing storm’s lightning strike delivered a fatal blow to the Center’s transfer switch, and our backup generators immediately kicked into gear. The damage assessment concluded that a complete power outage would be needed to replace the transfer switch.  Comm Center employees activated our Emergency Operations Plan and informed our Chiefs (client departments).  The plan called for moving operations to the Cy-Fair Fire Department backup center while repairs could be made on Saturday.  The Center operated on a 100% generator power with no disruption of service.  This morning at 10 am, electricians shut down the power to our CCEMS Comm Center and replaced the transfer switch.  A team of 5 CCEMS dispatchers deployed for mobile operations, using the mobile 911 VESTA systems, were able to answer calls from the Cy-Fair backup center with no interruption of service.  The CCEMS Mobile Communications Team answered and dispatched 45 calls for service.  The repairs were completed in less than two hours, and operations transitioned back to the CCEMS Comm Center.  Our Chiefs were informed everything was complete at 12: 19 pm.  

 We cannot thank our neighbors (Cy-Fair) enough for their prompt response and support for our mobile operations. A successful crisis response includes an actionable plan, strong partner relationships, and an amazing team.  This is why our award-winning Comm Center team is the best! Thank you!  

CyFair Fire Department

Angela Burrer – Communications Chief

Eric Burrer 

CCEMS Mobile Team Members:

Lori Broadrick – Operations Manager 

Melissa Dyches – Supervisor 

Chas Richmond – Supervisor

 Nicky Spitzenberger – Supervisor

Nicole Hoover – CTO 

Victoria Castillo – CTO 

CCEMS Comm Center Team

Niky Smith – Communications Director

Ellis Earls – Supervisor 

Stephen Reed – CCEMS Maintenance

CCEMS Mobile Team Members