Welcome Back Dr. Hewitt

Our first Military EMS fellow of 2020, Dr. Chris Hewitt, is back at CCEMS for his second rotation as our Assistant Medical Director. The fellows also do rotations with San Antonio Fire/EMS and Austin-Travis County EMS. During his rotation in Austin this April, Dr. Hewitt helped implement a streamlined COVID-19 testing system for the citizens of Austin and Travis County. He plans to put that knowledge to work within Cypress Creek EMS this month.

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The partnership between Cypress Creek EMS and the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC) EMS Fellowship began in February of 2019. Two fellows worked with CCEMS during 2019, Dr. John Knight, and Dr. Matt Esposito. In 2020, four fellows were assigned to CCEMS, Dr. Hewitt, Dr. Nicholas Studer, Dr. Rachel Ely, and Dr. Antonio Ziherl, who returned for his second CCEMS rotation in July.

Due to the number and severity of trauma cases the fellows have encountered in our area, CCEMS will have two fellows each month beginning in 2021. The fellows have brought battlefield medicine to the streets of our district and have had several amazing saves due to advanced techniques such as field thorascostomies, and central line blood transfusions.

Combat medicine always finds its way into civilian medicine. This fellowship speeds that up while allowing the fellows to see civilian techniques that might be useful to the military. The advanced techniques taught to CCEMS Supervisors by the fellows led one trauma surgeon to say, “I am in awe at the level of care that you are providing there at CCEMS. I am so happy to know that we have an EMS service in Houston that provides that level of pre-hospital care.”

Advances such as  Whole Blood Field Transfusions and the Military EMS Fellowship are a direct result of Cypress Creek’s longstanding relationship with the leadership of the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium through our Tactical Medic Team. Doctors from San Antonio have served as instructors in our Tactical EMS class and the EMS fellows attend as students. The Tactical EMS Course, known as the Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course, draws professionals from all over the world.

The fellows in the program are paid by the military. CCEMS provides housing while they are here.