CCEMS Adds Extra Protection Against Covid-19

Cypress Creek EMS is adding extra layers of protection to keep our employees and patients even safer during the Covid-109 outbreak.

CCEMS is contracting with Enviro-Master Services of Houston to spray all ambulances and facilities every seven days with a hospital-grade germicide which is EPA-registered to kill coronaviruses as well as bacteria. The product is harmless to humans, is food safe, and lasts for up to ten days.

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Enviro-Master applies this disinfectant with an electrostatic sprayer which places a positive charge on the germicide, enabling it to adhere more effectively to all surfaces.

In 2019 Enviro-Master had the University of Arizona test the effectiveness of its germicide products in a typical office breakroom, a restroom, and a classroom. The University of Arizona studies found a 96% reduction in bacteria in the food preparation area and a 99% reduction in bacteria in the sink countertop area. We also tested the effectiveness of Enviro-Master’s Virus Vaporizer Service in the classroom and found that after each weekly treatment, bacteria levels on the desktops were reduced by 99.2%.

“What we’ve done with Enviro-Master is provided an evidence based study that shows that we can actually reduce the amount of infectious disease transmission among people.” – Dr. Charles P. Gerba, PhD

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In addition to the spraying, CCEMS is in the process of installing white disinfecting lights in all ambulances. Thanks to Jon Forbes of Lone Star Products & Equipment for donating the Code 3 lights for all of our ambulances. CCEMS technician John Molinari is handling the installation. The lighting powered by Vital Vio provides continuous disinfection on objects and surfaces while providing safe illumination.

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All of these additional measures are on top of rigorous cleaning between patients that was standard practice before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Also, when decontamination of an ambulance is indicated, CCEMS uses a hospital-grade disinfectant called Aseptic Plus which kills more than 30 types of bacteria and viruses including those causing MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1, E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria.