Katie Conn Named Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Katie Conn. Katie joined Cypress Creek EMS as a volunteer EMT in July of 2018. Since then she has donated 332 hours of her time to the community and she’s been working toward making EMS her full-time career.

Katie Conn left an environmental compliance job last year to finish her paramedic clinicals. She passed the National Registry late last year and received her Texas Licensed Paramedic Certification in December 2019. Katie plans to take the CCEMS Bike Medic and Tactical EMS classes this year.

Board President Glen Henning presented the award at the regular monthly meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors.

Katie started volunteering in early 2014 in Pennsylvania after working alongside first responders (EMT & Police) in her job in the District Attorney’s Office. She says she wanted to volunteer to contribute to her community, help others, and get some adrenaline after a day in an office cubicle.

Katie says that by volunteering, she “has met many people that have become friends and second family.” She says that Creek has definitely become a major piece of her Texas family and that even on shifts with hard calls, she gets to leave with a smile.”

She says that she chose CCEMS because of the variety in the coverage area and the variety in the types of calls.

Katie says she would definitely recommend CCEMS to people who would like to volunteer saying that they will get experience and knowledge, gain new friends, and have fun while doing it.”

Katie is also a volunteer with Jersey Village Fire Department.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, boot camp style workouts, and obstacle course races.