2020-21 Paramedic Class Begins

Welcome to the 2020-21 Paramedic Class. Of the 27 students, there are 12 CCEMS Employees (11 Field, 1 Comm Center), two CCEMS Volunteers, and four students who just graduated from the last EMT Class in December. The class runs for the next 60 weeks. Students who are employees will be able to work their regular jobs at CCEMS while in school. They will be placed on the same shifts for work, class, and clinicals. This class is the first for our new lead instructor, Casey Pile. Registration for the next paramedic class will not begin until this class graduates in 62 weeks. For more information on what makes our class stand out click here.

See the list of names below.


Names in bold are CCEMS Employees. Volunteers and Fall 2019 EMT graduates are noted in parentheses.

Daniel Barry

Steven Beesley

Kelton Cash

Anna Cathcart

Mohammad Edaibes

Patrick Elliot

Jason Fernandez

Michael Garcia

Madison Hatfield

Amber Hulum (Volunteer)

Caleb Jordan (Volunteer)

Maci Kennedy

Nicole Lieder

Lisa Martinez

Nicole Morgan

Lauren Morrison (Fall 2019 EMT Grad)

Bethany Pebworth

Jonas Smith

Thomas Smith

Alicia Supak

Amber Taylor (Fall 2019 EMT Grad)

Katelynn Traynor (Fall 2019 EMT Grad)

Jorge Trevino

Jessica Tucker

Tessa Van Heuvein

Hunter Vaughn

Brooke Willoughby (Fall 2019 EMT Grad)