November 2019 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to the November 2019 Volunteer of the Month, Suzanne Stevenson, who joined CCEMS in November 2018. After her probationary period, she has donated more than 241 hours of her time and that’s just since February of this year. The award was presented at the regular monthly meeting of the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors.

Suzanne has worked in medically related jobs since high school and was out of the field for a while. Raising four children can keep you kind of busy. Now the youngest is in high school, another is about to graduate from college and the other two are in careers. One is a beautician and the oldest is a Baylor professor in Spanish.

She missed the medical field so she trained to be an EMT and received her certification in May of 2018.

Suzanne says she volunteers at CCEMS because it’s a different and new adventure for her, and she wants to gain experience and insight in the field before maybe turning it into a profession. She also enjoys the continuing education classes that CCEMS provides to volunteers.

She says volunteering is a way to give back in a form that is not financial. She also volunteers for the Tomball Police Department helping with different events like National Night Out. She says volunteering at CCEMS is always a learning experience and she comes away with a new trick or skill from each shift.

Her husband of 26 years retired from Air Force after 23 years in 2014, after a tour in Iraq. He became a deputy sheriff but now works in the oil industry.