Cardiac Arrest Survivor Thanks CCEMS and Spring Fire Crews

On Monday, October 28, 2019, Cardiac Arrest Survivor Gene Foussadier and his family met the first responders who helped save his life a year ago this month.

On October 23, 2018, Gene Foussadier returned from a morning run. He was talking to his family when he suddenly collapsed. His daughter Ashley, who is a nurse, began CPR while his wife Erika called 9-1-1.

CCEMS Call Taker Nicole Belle took the call and Ash Thompson dispatched an ambulance, field supervisor Joseph Wells, and EMTs from Spring Fire Station 75 to the Foussadier home.

Firefighters John Shultz, Brent Silvey, David Paige, and Blake Thompson arrived first and took over CPR until Cypress Creek EMS arrived. The response time was faster than average, just six minutes.

Meanwhile, Victoria Castillo had just gotten off work at the CCEMS Comm Center. She heard the call drop and was in the area. She stopped by to see if she could help. Victoria ended up driving the ambulance to the hospital so that Paramedic Sam Frusti and EMT Stephen Tavery could both stay in the back of the ambulance and work on Foussadier on the way to the hospital. They were able to achieve ROSC. As the Foussadier family learned at the reunion, that stands for Return Of Spontaneous Circulation meaning his heart started beating on its own.  A few days later, Paramedic Sam Frusti stopped by the hospital to see how Gene was doing. Thanks to Ashley Foussadier for the picture.

Gene Foussadier thanked the first responders who helped save his life, but the real hero is in his own family. Without the quality CPR performed by his daughter Ashley, he probably would not have survived.

At the reunion, Gene was introduced to his new friend Lucas. The Lucas CPR Compression Device has been a real lifesaver since CCEMS deployed the device back in 2007. CCEMS was one of the first EMS systems in the country to deploy the device right after it received FDA approval. Lucas likely played a role in saving Gene’s life and is the reason he woke up feeling like he’d been kicked in the chest. The Lucas device provides quality, consistent, compressions. It never gets tired and it frees up the medic’s hands to perform other lifesaving measures.

A few days after his cardiac arrest, Gene gave away his daughter Leslie’s hand in marriage.  When Leslie walked down the aisle, Gene walked down a hospital corridor and gave her away over Face Time. You can see that in the following video of the wedding from 2:59 to 3:30.