Lightning Strike Survivor Thanks Responders

27-year-old Alexander Coreas is lucky to be alive. On October 3, 2019, as he was walking his three dogs back to his car a storm blew in and he was struck by lightning. He had been to the dog park at Meyer Park. The parking lot is directly behind the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital. Corey Hart, the father of a Vet Hospital employee spotted him face down on the ground and flagged down a couple of employees. Corey started CPR and was relieved by Vet Tech Bill Wilson and receptionist Christy Mittler. Carina Quevedo called 9-1-1 which was answered at the CCEMS Communication Center by Elizabeth Lane. Dispatcher Destiny Oliver sent help from CCEMS, Klein Fire Department, Memorial Hermann Life Flight, and the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, which investigates lightning strike injuries and deaths. His three dogs ran but where quickly rounded up. They were unharmed. Liz Roesner of the Steubner Airline Veterinary Hospital organized  a reunion on October 15, which gave Alex a chance to thank everyone and hear what happened while he was out. Here are some pictures from the reunion.