CCEMS Training Saves Lives in Brazil

Training received at Cypress Creek EMS is responsible for saving 11 lives in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The skills learned since 2015 at CCEMS and passed along to some 6500 police officers have saved three civilians and eight police officers.

That’s what Prof. Dr. Joaquim Simões Neto, the Medical Director of the 1st BAEP of the São Paulo State Police, told the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors at their regular monthly meeting on September 25, 2019.

It all started in 2015 with a phone call from Dr. Simões Neto to Assistant Executive Director Wren Nealy inquiring about the CCEMS Tactical Medic Course. He had researched Tactical EMS classes online and decided that CCEMS was a good potential choice. He says the Wren Nealy was very informative and helpful on the call, so Dr. Simões Neto signed up for the next class to see what it was like. He was very impressed. Since then, seven police lieutenants have come through the program including two in the most recent class (Sept 23-29).

Dr. Simões Neto has taken what they’ve learned at Cypress Creek EMS and developed lifesaving protocols for the São Paulo State Police. Officers are taught Stop The Bleed skills and Police EMTs are taught Tactical Combat Casualty Care in case police officers get injured while serving arrest warrants or any other high-risk situation.

In addition, they’ve trained 72 instructors who are training even more officers. The goal is to train all their officers by the end of 2020. That’s almost 100,000 people.

São Paulo is the largest state in Brazil with 645 cities and 44 million residents. Just this week, four police officers were ambushed. One was killed. Another was shot in the leg. That officer was saved by a tourniquet. One other officer was grazed by a bullet and in the end their attacker was killed.

Dr. Simões Neto says is it his dream for the Cypress Creek Tactical Team come to Brazil to present the 81-hour Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course (BTOMSC) in São Paulo.