And the Volunteer of the Month is…

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Joseph O’Neill, who joined CCEMS in September of 2017 and officially became a member on November 1st. O’Neill received his award at the regular monthly meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors. President Greg Marwill presented the plaque.

Joseph is an Advanced EMT who is almost done with the Paramedic Program at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). Joseph is also a full-time student at Texas A&M where he is a junior sociology major.

If that’s not enough to keep him busy he also volunteers at CCEMS and has donated 521 hours of his time to our community, so far.

He says he volunteers because of the knowledge that what he is doing is for free and that means he is there to help people, and only to help people. Secondly, he says he gets excellent experience.

He says, “The types of calls, as well as the frequency of those calls,  is a surefire way to become not only a confident provider but also one that is proficient. Every shift I volunteer I see a new type of patient, and I learn multiple new things.”

He chose to volunteer at CCEMS because he says the people are some of the best EMTs and Paramedics he’s ever known and that they are all patient-oriented providers who treat each patient like they would treat a member of their own family.

He says he would absolutely recommend volunteering at CCEMS to others, because of industry-leading initiatives like whole blood, ultrasound, and the military fellowship.  But mainly, he says it’s because of the people, many of whom have become mentors who have helped him become a better provider.