Congratulations to the CCEMS Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Christopher Johnson. Chris is too young to have seen Johnny and Roy’s exploits when “EMERGENCY” first appeared on TV. But, he was affected, or maybe we should say infected, by reruns of EMERGENCY and MASH and still watches them to this day.

The Volunteer of the Month Award was presented by CCEMS Board President Greg Marwill during the regular monthly board meeting on June 26, 2019.

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Chris attended his volunteer orientation in October of 2018 and officially joined us as an Emergency Care Attendant in November. He graduated from the UAB EMT class in May and just got his EMT-B Certification and a new CCEMS I.D. card. (UAB stands for the User Advisory Board which is made up of emergency departments for which the CCEMS Comm Center provides 9-1-1 and dispatch. Several of those fire departments sponsor the twice yearly class which is coordinated by CCEMS.)

Chris has donated 420 hours of his time to our community. He is currently a full time student and says he is studying to get ready for paramedic school. He is also working on his private pilot license.

Chris says he volunteers because he loves helping others and gets “a sense of pride in knowing that for a short amount of time, he’s made a positive difference in someone’s life.” He volunteers here because he says CCEMS “is on the leading edge of emergency medicine.”

Chris says the Paramedics and EMTs on all the shifts he has worked have been very welcoming. There are several medics that he counts as mentors and he appreciates that they are eager to help him learn new things.

Chris says he has family and friends working on getting into EMT school and that he cannot wait to help them through the process of signing up to be CCEMS volunteers.

Chris is the father of three children…two girls and a boy. Taylor is 14, Riley is 12, and Bryce is 11. His daughter Taylor is already talking about a career in EMS.