Congratulations to the Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to our newest volunteer of the month, Sarah Nunez, who joined CCEMS in July of 2017. Since then she has donated 216 hours of her time and talent to our community. The award was presented at the regular monthly meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors by President Greg Marwill. Her husband, Roland, and three youngest sons were in attendance.

Sarah is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, mom who is also a Major in the Texas State Guard. She is currently at EMT but plans to go back to school for her Paramedic license after her youngest finishes high school next year.

Sarah has had a strong interest in the medical field ever since studying First Aid in 6th grade.  She says her interest was further encouraged as she watched the “Emergency!” TV show as she grew up. Yep, Johnny and Roy struck again.

She volunteers because she enjoys being able to help people, practice her medical skills, and increase her knowledge and experience.  She especially appreciates all of the training that CCEMS makes available to volunteers.

Sarah says the crews she has worked with treat her like part of the team.  Several times, they have told her that they forget that she’s a volunteer rather than an employee.

Sarah has often encouraged others to consider CCEMS, either as an employee or as a volunteer. In fact, one of her EMT school classmates is now a full-time EMT with CCEMS.  She believes that CCEMS provides an excellent opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction.

Sarah and her husband, Roland, have five sons, Joseph (32), Nathan (30), Jesse (26), Emmanuel (22), and Christian (17).