Congrats to CCEMS Volunteer of the Month Zachary Burke

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Zachary Burke, who joined CCEMS as a volunteer EMT on March 28, 2018, and has donated nearly 300 hours of his time. The award was presented at the regular monthly meeting of the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors by Board President Greg Marwill. It was presented the day before Zach’s one year anniversary.

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Zachary says his experience at CCEMS has been quite a departure from his day job in the Energy Corridor as a Cognitive Systems Engineer. Zachary says that being involved in a world that’s completely outside of his normal line of work creates new mental models. He says that it has been surprising in how transferable the patterns and lessons learned in his engineering and EMS roles are.

He says he chose CCEMS because it was highly recommended by his EMS supervisor at Texas A&M who is a CCEMS volunteer.

Zach enjoys volunteering because it gives him, “A sense of contributing to something bigger than himself.”  He says he wanted to volunteer in the community in a way that “pushed him outside his comfort zone and helped him refine a skillset not directly related to his day job.” In addition, he says keeping up his certifications is a bonus.

Zach says two things have characterized his volunteer experience. “First, you wear the same uniform as everyone else and are treated like one of the team. Secondly, CCEMS places a heavy emphasis on learning. I have had plenty of CCEMS medics check in to see if I have any questions after calls, or even offer to practice working on skills during downtime. There’s a strong emphasis on personal development, and that applies to volunteers as well.”