A Fond Farewell to Cecelia Noll


Normally we love firsts at CCEMS, but this one actually makes us sad as we say goodbye to one of our most dedicated dispatchers. Cecelia Noll, known affectionately as CC, officially retired today from the Communications Center. She is the first dispatcher to ever retire from Cypress Creek and only the second CCEMS to retire in our history.


Cecelia began her life of public service in 1980 as a founding member of the West I-10 Volunteer Fire department. She served as Station Lt., Captain, and earned her State Firefighter Advanced Certification. She worked at stations 1 and 3. West I-10 was one of the first departments to get a 110′ Pierce aerial platform truck housed first at Station 1 until Station 3 was built. Cecelia also served on the Executive Board for several years.

Cecelia says in the beginning, “We rode the tailboard with only a safety strap and handrail to hang on to.  Trucks were manual transmission 5 speed, which was fun going up the ramps on the Katy Freeway. Managed to stay in one piece for a few years, then we were hot stuff getting enclosed cabs with air conditioning and automatic transmissions.”

A few years after joining West I-10 Cecelia started EMS with West Harris County EMS full time and earned her EMT- Basic and then Intermediate. She served on the Executive Board as Vice President.

West I-10 did its own dispatching until 2006 when the department contracted with Cypress Creek EMS Communications Center. That’s when Cecelia went to work at the Comm Center. She had started dispatching at West I-10 to help out in 1991. In recent years, West I-10 transitioned into Harris Country ESD 48 Fire Department. ESD 48’s 9-1-1 and dispatch are still handled by CCEMS along with 14 other emergency agencies.

Cecelia has two sons, Justin and Kenneth, and eight grandchildren aged 4 to 15.

As we said, Cecelia is the second person to retire from CCEMS. The first was Margaret Bridges in October of 2016.