Military EMS Fellowship Begins at Cypress Creek EMS

Cypress Creek EMS is pleased to welcome Major John G Knight, Jr., MD as the first fellow in a brand new partnership between Cypress Creek EMS and the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC) EMS Fellowship.

Dr. Knight will serve as Assistant Medical Director under CCEMS Medical Director Dr. Levon Vartanian. Dr. Knight recently headed up a team from the San Antonio Military Medical Center who provided ultrasound instruction to our supervisors before CCEMS deployed Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in the field.

Dr. Knight, who prefers to just be called John, spent nearly 17 years as a Special Forces Medic with the Green Berets prior to attending medical school and come this May will have served in the U.S. Army a total of 30 years.

According to his official bio, Major Knight attended medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. After finishing medical school in 2010, Major Knight then became the Emergency Medicine Chief Resident and followed his residency up with an Emergency Medicine Faculty appointment and Ultrasound Fellowship at San Antonio Military Medical Center in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.  After his fellowship, Major Knight remained as Core Faculty for the Emergency Medicine Residency and Director of Operational Medicine.  Currently, Major Knight is completing his second fellowship in Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine and studying a dual master’s degrees in Public Health and Business Administration. 

Major Knight has deployed eight times in support of the Global War on Terrorism and has also deployed multiple times in other high-profile operations of national interest. 

To read his full bio click here.

On the first day of the fellowship, John toured CCEMS facilities, met new colleagues, and addressed our Paramedic Academy after being introduced by CCEMS Assistant Executive Director Wren Nealy.

This new partnership and extension of the SAUSHEC EMS Fellowship has been in the works for some time. Under the new agreement, the fellowship will span five years with fellows from the military’s tri-services, Army, Navy, and the Air Force, rotating into the program.

Through our Tactical Team, CCEMS has enjoyed a close working relationship with fellowship doctors. Some of them have served as faculty members for our bi-annual Tactical EMS Course which draws professional operators from all over the world.

While embedding with CCEMS, fellows will teach in our paramedic academy and be involved in continuing education for our employees. They will also serve alongside our medics and supervisors in the field as we share our knowledge of pre-hospital medicine and strive to improve chances of survival for trauma patients whether they are on the battlefield or the streets of Harris County.

Each of the fellows will write publishable medical studies while serving at CCEMS and will help us fine tune protocols.

Commenting on his goals, Major Knight says, “I want to continue to develop pre-hospital protocols for POCUS, serve as an added team member in pre-hospital patient care through communications or as an on-site resource and provider, and to help review current paramedic treatments for quality improvement.”

CCEMS Assistant Executive Director Wren Nealy says, “Lifesaving battlefield innovations, such as modern manufactured tourniquets and whole blood transfusions in the field, always find their way into civilian EMS. CCEMS has always strived to be first to embrace these innovations, so it only makes sense for us to work directly with the military and share our mutual medical knowledge through this new fellowship. We are bridging the gap between military and civilian expertise in our pursuit of achieving Zero Preventable Deaths.”