Katie Moore Named Volunteer of the Month


Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Katie Moore. She joined us in July of 2016 as an EMT- Intermediate and since then has donated 441 hours of her time to the community. Outgoing Board President Ruben Gonzales presented the award at the January 2019 meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors.

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Katie actually volunteered for CCEMS in the early 2000s as a non-medical driver, but her busy life as a mother of six got in the way. Now that child number 6 is at Texas A&M, she has time to volunteer.

In between, Katie says she dragged her husband to Citizens Fire Academy at the Jersey Village Fire Department. He ended up joining the fire cadet class and both of them took EMT basic class together. She did some of her clinicals at CCEMS and was so impressed with the quality of care that she always had it in her mind to volunteer once she got the time.

She was also attracted to CCEMS because of the high call volume and the chance to use her skills. Plus, she was impressed with how the crews welcome volunteers and just add them to the team. She also loves the extra training that CCEMS provides to volunteers.