New Record Set for CCEMS Calls

The Cypress Creek EMS Communications Center answered 42,005 medical calls in 2018. That’s a new record, up nearly four percent from 2017 and 20 percent since 2014. Here’s the five year growth picture.

What is fueling the increase is open to discussion, however there is continued significant growth in the Cypress Creek EMS area. Here are the population estimates for the CCEMS area from Emergency Services District 11’s Demographer.

2014 – 500,955

2015 – 515,055

2016 – 528,500

2017 – 542,891

2018 – 551,822

2019 – 557,524

There has also been tremendous growth in the areas for which CCEMS provides 9-1-1 and dispatch service. CCEMS provides this service to 14 other agencies. The total number of calls in 2018 actually went down when compared to 2017, but that was the year of Hurricane Harvey. Compared to the last non-hurricance year (2016) calls have increased almost 24 percent. Communications Manager Niky Smith says,  ‘I’m proud of my team for keeping up with the growth of our center. We currently have about 35 Call-Takers/Dispatchers and are looking to hire four more in April. It won’t be long before we are processing 100,000 calls a year!!”

Here’s the five-year chart followed by the list of agencies for which we handle dispatch.


Spring Fire Department

Ponderosa Fire Department

Cypress Creek Fire Department

Little York Fire Department

Klein Fire Department

Champions – ESD 29

ESD 48 Fire-EMS-Rescue

Westlake Fire Department

Community Fire Department

Harris County Fire Marshal 

Harris County Hazardous Materials

South East Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC)

Emergency Medical Task Force 6 (EMTF6)

Pearland Fire Department

Stafford Fire Department (added after Harvey)