CCEMS Continues Training Sheriff’s Deputies to Stop The Bleed

CCEMS Tactical Medics have taught more than 300 Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies how to use modern manufactured tourniquets to Stop The Bleed.

During the first two weeks of January 2019 CCEMS Tactical Medics Taught 136 deputies how to properly use a modern combat application tourniquet. That’s in addition to 147 we trained last year. That’s a total of 283. The officers are from District’s 1 and 2.

On January 22 and 24, CCEMS went to District 5 Northwest Command and showed a total of 42 officers how to Stop The Bleed during two roll call sessions. Thanks to CCEMS Tactical Medics Matt Tomlinson and Eric Barnes for teaching the classes. Harris County Deputies will be getting tourniquets and the leadership wants to make sure they know how to use them. One important lesson is to always have your tourniquet on your person so you’ll always have it if you need it.

A person with a severed femoral artery can bleed out and die in as little as three minutes and lose consciousness before that. The more people who know how to Stop The Bleed the fewer lives will be lost due to bleeding out. For years, Cypress Creek EMS has been training area police officers, firefighters, school district personnel, and the public to increase the likelihood that someone at the scene of the incident can take the actions needed to extend life until we get there.  Here are some pictures from roll call training.