Long Serving Member is Newest Volunteer of the Month

Our newest Volunteer of the Month is one of our longest serving volunteers. Mike Pate has been a non- medical driver since June of 1983 and has donated thousands of hours of his time over the years. The award was presented by Board President Ruben Gonzales, Jr. at the November meeting of the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors.

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Mike’s commitment to public service goes far beyond CCEMS

He joined Ponderosa as a volunteer fireman when he was in high school in 1978.

After college, he moved into the Klein area and became a member of the Klein Fire Department. One day at Klein Station # 4 in 1983, one of the four CCEMS ambulances stopped by and said they were looking for firemen to drive so the medics could be in the back with the patient.

He figured if he could drive a fire truck, he could drive an ambulance.  So, he signed up and has been a volunteer non-medical driver ever since.

He also helped start up the FM 1960 Emergency Communications Center which is now Comm Center. When he was at Compaq, he got the company to donate computers and wrote the programming for the first CAD system.

Due to his busy schedule, Mike left the Klein Fire Department in 1990 but stayed on as a CCEMS volunteer.

In 2012, he was appointed to fill an empty seat as a commissioner of ESD #16 and has since been elected to that seat.

He says he continues to drive because it keeps him humble and he enjoys serving the community with a “core” group of Paramedics that he has known for several years and considers friends.

Mike graduated from Texas A&M in 1982 and is an executive in the Energy sector with 35 years of experience managing Information Technology (IT) organizations.

Mike and his wife, Laura, have been married since 1982. They have two children; Steven who is 28 and Julie who is 24.