Why CCEMS is a Great Place to Work – William Chapman

William Chapman joined Cypress Creek EMS on December 4, 2017, as an EMT-Basic. He is enrolled in the CCEMS Paramedic Academy and is on track to graduate in Fall of 2019. He is also the new owner of a Houston Astros Championship Ring through an employee recognition initiative. Recently, he shared why he thinks CCEMS is not only a great place to work, but a place to build an entire career. Scroll down to read it, in his own words.

I love working at Cypress Creek because of the great opportunities offered such as the bike medic training, tactical medic training, community para-medicine that should be starting soon, and working in the field to serve our community. Cypress Creek was the first 911 service to give me a chance with no experience and I have been grateful for that opportunity. I have been in EMS 1 year and have been with cypress creek now for 11 months. The reputation Cypress Creek holds as a medical agency is highly respected! I am grateful to be a part of an agency that stands out among other competitive agencies around Cypress Creek. I would not want to pursue my career training as a future paramedic anywhere but here. I should say, “There is too much greatness here.”- William Chapman – November 3, 2017