Why CCEMS is a Great Place to Work – Neely Hill

Neely Hill joined Cypress Creek EMS as a dispatcher in April 2018. Now, as part of an employee recognition initiative, she is the recipient of a Replica of the Houston Astros World Championship Ring. Scroll down to see what she had to say about working at CCEMS.


The best part about working for CCEMS is seeing the real difference we make in the community. Even though my job is in the communications center and we aren’t face to face with our patients and their family, we are able to calmly guide them through some of the scariest times of their life.

I have only worked here a short time but it is clear I have made an impact in multiple people’s lives. My heart smiles when we get a “thank you” from someone on the phone when we can tell we really get through to them. From comforting panicked friends and family that are calling for help for a loved one, to giving potentially lifesaving instructions and guidance to a Good Samaritan calling for help for a complete stranger.

In addition to the wholesome relationship CCEMS builds with the surrounding community, the employees here also have a tight knit family structure. In times of struggle when we need to lean on each other, we are a united front. Through tough calls and busy days, we are a team. It is a uniform I am proud to wear, a company I am proud to represent, and a career I look forward to continuing. – Neely Hill, November, 2018.