Volunteer of the Month Award Presented by CCEMS Board

Congratulations to the Volunteer of the Month for August 2018. Donny Cadle is a non-medical driver who has been part of the CCEMS family since 2006. From 2007 to present, he’s donated nearly 2,600 hours of his time to CCEMS and our community. The Volunteer of the Month Award was presented at the regular monthly meeting of the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors, by President Ruben Gonzales, Jr.


Donny says the reason he joined CCEMS was to help the community. Back then, he was also volunteering with his dad at Klein Fire Department.

Donny says he grew up around Cypress Creek EMS that it felt like family went he came in to talk about becoming a volunteer. He says it’s still feels like family.

Donny usually works with In-Charge Paramedic John Lee. John says Donny is very reliable, and helps a lot on scene, adding that, “I know he’s not a medic, but he’s a good driver and you wouldn’t know he’s not a medic. He helps me every way he can.”

On scene, John says Donny always has his back and protects him like a father, even though John about 20 years older than Donny.

Donny loves helping people. His day job is working at an urgent care. Apparently, it runs in the family. His oldest son, Donny Junior, is working toward his EMT certification in the Magnolia School District and wants to study further to become a P.A. (Physician Assistant).

Donny and his wife Tanya have three children…Donny, 15; Ava, 9; and Grayson, 3.