CCEMS Wellness Program at ATH Delivers Dramatic Results

The Cypress Creek EMS Wellness program at Athlete Training and Health (ATH) is open to employees, volunteers and, as of October 1, dependents. Registration ends October 10.

One of the first to sign up after the program was renewed was Volunteer EMT Chris Wehe. If you’ve never met him, his last name is pronounced “Way”. But for the purposes of this article, let’s go with “Weigh”.

Those who know Chris can see the results he’s gotten at ATH. Chris has lost more than 50 pounds and he has taken full advantage of the available experts from exercise tailored for his specific needs to nutrition advice from a dietician.

So, not only has he taken a lot of weight off, he’s been able to keep it off. Chris says, “I have been on diets and exercise programs before but have never been able to lose the weight and keep it off.  The staff at ATH have kept me motivated to continue exercising to keep the weight off and be in the best shape I have been in over 20 years.”

Here’s the obligatory before and after picture. Click on picture for a larger view of the smaller Chris.

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Chris goes on to say that, “Their programs are different every day, and emphasize a different body group.  The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is really challenging and makes you push yourself.  I have come a long way since my first HIIT class when I thought I was going to pass out to now, where I am wearing a weight vest to challenge myself even more.”

And there have been measurable health differences besides just weight. Chris says, “Having access to a nutritionist has helped me eat better and lower my blood pressure 30 to 40 percent.  The whole staff is wonderfully supportive, friendly and always motivating me to push myself even more.”

Chris highly recommends ATH saying, “It included more than just a place to work out…nutritional help, weight, and body fat tracking, moral support and workouts designed for the physical requirements of our jobs not only made it easier to lose weight but I could feel the results outside the gym.  Plus, their nutritional advice means I eat better and don’t feel as hungry because I don’t load up on empty calories.”

Finally, there’s the cost. Since the program is supplemented by CCEMS, the cost is only $20 a month.

Chris says, “There is no way I could get I all this help for only $20 a month.  I know people who spend hundreds of dollars a month for gym membership, cross-fit classes and diet/nutritional help, which we can get for $20/month thanks to Cypress Creek’s commitment.”

Here are some more details about the program and links to sign up online.


The CCEMS Employee Wellness Program done in conjunction with Athlete Training and Health (ATH) and Memorial Hermann offers access to tools and fitness programs designed to optimize your health regardless of your current fitness level or athletic ability. This program is a true integration of testing, training, and nutrition, all done under the expert guidance of ATH coaches at tremendous savings.

Cypress Creek EMS is supplementing the cost of the Program. So, as an employee or volunteer, your discounted membership to Athlete Training and Health is only $20 per month – a monthly savings of $99!

The employee wellness program includes the following:

  • Six-month unlimited access membership to ATH’s “Forever ATHlete” program, a progressive fitness training program designed for adults of all ages and ability levels, with a focus on developing and maintaining functional strength, cardio conditioning, and flexibility.
  • Comprehensive baseline assessments to measure and gauge your general health, physical ability, and movement; bi-annual “BOD POD” body composition analysis; and a blood screen.
  • Annual nutritional consultation with a Memorial Hermann dietitian on an annual basis to help you better navigate your nutrition needs and overcome dietary hurdles.


If you are new to the Wellness Program, click here to register through the online portal. If you are renewing your membership, click here or call or visit ATH and speak with someone at the front desk.


Forever Athlete classes offered at Athlete Training and Health are as follows:

  • Weekday Mornings: 6, 7, 8 and 9 a.m.
  • Weekday Evenings: 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 p.m. (no 6:30 on Fridays)
  • Saturdays: 9 a.m.


The facility is located at 19711 Stuebner Airline Rd., Spring, TX  – 832-698-9821.


Forever Athlete Training

Using science and analytics, we design a program around you, combining fitness and wellness. Our team incorporates diet and nutrition into your unique plan, giving you a holistic training regimen.

We offer Forever Athletes a free physical assessment to determine the most effective training program that aligns with your goals and schedule.

Class Structure

Small group training designed for your level, complimented with open gym access. Classes are designed with your specific needs in mind. Most classes last about 60 minutes and are always under the direction of an expert performance coach.

Visit the ATH website at