Volunteer of the Month is Also the New EMT Teacher for Spring ISD

Steven Herbert came to Cypress Creek EMS due to Facebook and his new teaching gig at Wunsche High School is also due to Facebook. Herbert was presented the award as the July Volunteer of the Month by Board President Ruben Gonzales at the regular monthly meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors.

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Steven ended up at CCEMS after seeing a Facebook message calling for Non-Medical Drivers posted by Tiffany Vanderhider. He answered a call that he had first heard nearly two decades ago.

Steven says, “I got my first taste of EMS in 1999 when I was a volunteer for Ponderosa. That’s when I knew someday I wanted to get on the ambulance. It took me almost 20 years to fulfill that vision, but here I am!” He says his first ride was with Carina Dryer and Dennis Combs and he says they made the experience good and informative. “It was definitely a great first impression,” says Herbert.

After confirming his passion for EMS, he got his EMT-Basic at Lone Star. Steven is currently working on his B-I-C (Basic In Charge) certification…but he is also working a new job. Two weeks before the start of school, Spring ISD reached out to CCEMS saying they had lost their EMT instructor and asking if we could help. Public Information Officer Norm Uhl put a message out on the CCEMS Volunteer’s Facebook page and Steven responded.

He is now the EMT instructor at Wunsche High School and is loving it. It was actually his experience at CCEMS that got him interested in teaching. Steven says, “I started going out on Public Relations Events to local schools and cub scout packs, and found a real joy sharing my knowledge with them.  When the teaching opportunity came up, I thought to myself I could see me doing that. The rest is downhill, loving every minute of it!!  It is very fulfilling to be a part of these kids life and to help them realize their dreams and be their biggest cheerleader.”

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Steven is also a huge cheerleader for Cypress Creek EMS. When asked why he chose CCEMS to volunteer he says, “Because they are the best in the business.  I love that a volunteer is treated with the same respect as the paid crew.  I love that CCEMS offers me everything I need to become a better patient advocate and provider.  Plus, have you seen their equipment!!”  Herbert added, “I continue to volunteer to stay active with the community.  It feels really good to be part of something that the community is quick to stand behind.  When I don my red shir,t people recognize it and immediately show support.  The crews are great and always make you a part of the team.”

Steven wanted to give a shout out to some of his CCEMS mentors saying “Chris Moore is always a pleasure to ride with, always willing to help!  Ann Marie Veeck is another great In-Charge Paramedic that is willing to teach if you are willing to learn and Mark Villarreal is another great mentor who is always eager to teach.”

Steven and his wife, Brandi, have two sons…Mason who is seven and Carter who is two years old. Mason was present when Dad got the award.

Cypress Creek EMS coordinates four high school programs, one in Spring ISD and Three in Klein ISD.