CCEMS Teaches Lifesaving Skills in Six School Districts Over the Summer

As the 2018-19 school gets underway, school personnel in six school districts and officers who protect districts are better prepared for medical emergencies. CCEMS Tactical Medics were busy in those districts over summer break providing Stop The Bleed Training as well as CPR and AED training.

The senseless killing at Sante Fe High School has called more attention to the need for these skills. A person can bleed out and die in as little as three minutes unless someone on the scene knows how to Stop The Bleed. Those people are the immediate responders who are there when an incident or accident occurs.

Bleeding Control training has gained more prominence due to active shooter and bombing incidents, but the fact is thee people we teach are much more likely to use these skills for hemorrhaging due to an accident which can be something as simple as a fall that breaks a bone which then slices through an artery. Start the clock. They could have as little as 3 minutes to live. What would you do?

In June and July, CCEMS Tactical Medics trained approximately 120 officers from the Katy ISD Police and City of Katy police how to Stop the Bleed which includes training on the proper use of combat application tourniquets and wound packing.

Klein ISD Police first had this training from CCEMS five years ago and have had two confirmed saves. One was from several years ago and one was this year. Both cases were accidents that compromised arteries and could have resulted in death from bleeding out without the intervention of police officers with tourniquets. All Klein ISD Officers carry tourniquets and wound packing material on their person at all times.

In late June, CCEMS taught Stop the Bleed, CPR/AED and Active Shooter skills to about 45 Spring ISD Police Officers.

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In late July, CCEMS trained 147 deputies from Harris County Districts 1 and 5 how to Stop The Bleed.

On August 13, Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman announced that every officer would be equipped with a tourniquet. This is a huge deal since police officers are often the first to arrive at a scene. Many of Constable Herman’s officers had our training in the police academy at U of H Downtown. CCEMS has taught every cadet class since 2012.

On August 14, 2018 CCEMS taught 47 Aldine ISD Police Officers how to Stop The Bleed and saves live with CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

On August 15, CCEMS returned to Tomball ISD. In January, CCEMS trained the district’s nurses to be Stop The Bleed instructors. This time, we taught 130 teachers, coaches, trainers, librarians, administrators, and office workers. We were assisted by some of the Tomball ISD nurses we trained.

CCEMS was also asked to train at Pasadena ISD. On August 16, we trained 75 nurses how to stop the bleed.

Hitchcock ISD was the site for Stop the Bleed training on August 17. CCEMS Tactical Medics taught approximately 60 officers, teachers, coaches, trainers, librarians, administrators, office staff and nurses.

Over the years, CCEMS Tactical Medics have taught or assisted in the teaching of Stop The Bleed in many area school districts, including Aldine, Conroe, Cy-Fair, Hitchcock, Houston, Katy, Klein, New Caney, Pasadena, Spring, Tomball, Stafford, and Lone Star College. In March of 2017 we taught 85 health science students at Westfield High School in Spring ISD to Stop The Bleed.

If you’d like to schedule this training for your school district, business, police or fire department please write to or call 281-378-0800.