Celebrating the Saving of a Life

This morning (June 28), Spring Fire Chief Scott Seifert presented 12-year-old Rylee Perry with a civilian lifesaving award for her actions in saving her cousin, 12-Year-Old Cali Christopher, from drowning. Jimmy Barrett of KTRH served as emcee for the event at the soon to be opened Spring Fire Department Station 75 on FM 2920. Engine 75, which will be housed at the new station in the near future, was first to arrive at the near drowning call.


On June 3rd, the two girls where playing in the Perry family pool when Cali went under and did not come back up. Rylee swam down to see if she was okay but Cali did not respond. Rylee surfaced to get a good breath and dove back down to pull Cali out of the pool. When she got her out, she called out to her mom Tiffany who had just gone in to make dinner.

Tiffany called 9-1-1 and spoke to Cypress Creek EMS Call Taker Mary Goldknopf. Mary helped keep Tiffany calm while talking her through what she needed to do until help arrived.Tiffany and Cali met Mary this morning.The CCEMS Communications Center handles 9-1-1 for CCEMS and 14 other agenices including the Spring Fire Department. Spring and CCEMS were immediately dispatched to the call.

Spring Engine 75 was returning from a call and was just 3 minutes away when the call dropped. They arrived first and began attending to Cali. Shortly thereafter, Field Supervisor Sam Kordik arrived followed by Paramedic Mark Villareal and EMT Randy Fink in Medic 513. The CCEMS crew took over Cali’s care and transported her to the hospital. Spring Firefighter Blake Thompson who was one of the first on the scene, rode on our ambulance to the hospital with Cali. The Christopher family says doctors believe she had a seizure in the pool. Both girls say this is a good example of why it’s important to always swim with a buddy, something they have already been doing for years and something that likely saved Cali’s life. Here are some pictures of Rylee and Cali along with the CCEMS and Spring Fire Department crews who answered the call for help on June 3.