Girl Scout Cookies for Heroes

Usually, when Girl Scouts sell cookies they offer folks the option of buying some for our military overseas. Sometimes, people don’t want cookies because they’re on a diet or whatever, but they’ll buy them for soliders.

After Hurricane Harvey, The San Jacinto Council of the Girl Scouts decided to donate cookies to the Heroes of Harvey. They put together an approved list of first responders including police, fire, and EMS and each troop got to choose. (picture gallery continues below)

Troop 111039 chose Cypress Creek EMS. Their troop meets in the Lakewood Forest area near CCEMS Station 58 on Grant Road. Whenever a potential cusomter said no, they offered them the chance to buy cookies for the medics at Cypress Creek EMS. Troop Cookie Manager Cathy Stafford says whenever they mentioned CCEMS, the cookies practically sold themselves. Cathy says one person who didn’t want cookies turned around and purchased a dozen boxes for CCEMS.

The girls were Brownies during the sale, but they have now moved up to Juniors. Today, representatives of the troop delivered 20 cases of cookies to CCEMS. There to receive them was Paramedic Karen Wilkinson, EMT Sarah Matula, and Volunteer EMT Jennifer Hall of Medic 51. The girls showed the medics their merit badges and activity patches and our medics, two of whom were Brownies, showed them an ambulance up close and personal.

In additon to the cookies, the girls brought these adorable hand-made thank-you-cards. Thanks to the scouts from Troop 111039 for the cookies, the cards, and a very memorable visit.