Gabriel Ortega Named Shell Hero of Houston

Congratulations to Cypress Creek EMS Paramedic Gabriel Ortega who was recently named a Shell Hero of Houston for his actions surrounding Hurricane Harvey But, it wasn’t for anything he did at work during the storm. It’s about how it paid it forward after he got off duty

Even though he worked for a solid week and even lost his personal vehicle to flooding on the way to work, the recognition is not for that. It’s for something he did when he got back home. A friend told him that her uncle was scheduled to come to Houston to begin treatment at MD Anderson, but her uncle and aunt could not find a room because all the hotels were full due to Harvey.

So, Gabriel arranged to stay with a friend, straightened up his apartment, and left the door unlocked.

Here’s what his friend’s Aunt Teresa wrote when she nominated Gabriel as Shell Hero of Houston.

“My husband was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in March of 2017. In April, he had surgery to his back to treat a tumor which caused him to have limited walking abilities. He then started a chemo treatment which was not very effective. MD Anderson then suggested he start a clinical research treatment. My husband needed to be at MD Anderson the week after Hurricane Harvey but we could not find a place to stay. All hotels we called were booked. The, this happened – Gabriel Ortega moved out of his condo for almost a week and let us stay there. He’s an amazing person – he didn’t even know who we were yet he trusted us to stay there. My husband was able to start his treatment on time. And for this…. Gabriel Ortega is our hero!”

Recently, Shell put on a display at Discovery Green showing the latest “Heroes of Houston” to be added to the its list. Congratulations, Gabe.