2018 Paramedic Graduation

Congratulations to the Cypress Creek EMS Paramedic Class of 2018. Over last year the students have spent 568 hours in class, 12 hours in hospital clinicals, 372 hours in ambulance clinicals, and countless hours studying. It was a year defined by exhaustion, frustration, and very little quality time with family and friends. On top of that they had to work their regular jobs and they ended up working during what would have been class time when Hurricane Harvey came calling.

All but one of the 16 graduates work at CCEMS, most of them in the field as EMTs pulling 24-hour shifts. Here’s an alphabetical list of the graduates. Yazmin Aguirre,  Victor Avellenada, Cori Brown, Nicholas Carvalho, Christopher Conn, Samuel Frusti, Derek Gutierrez, Anthony Keller, Amber Reese, Marlon Reyes, Gary Riggan, Rodrigo Solana, John Taylor, Ash Thompson, Jeff Wright,and Jordan Young. Add to that the fact that a CCEMS Volunteer Paramedic, Loren “Les” Solberg, sat in on most of the classes just to add to his knowledge and skills. The rest of the class named him an honorary graduate of the Class of 2018. Here is graduation day in pictures.