Congratulations to the CCEMS Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to the CCEMS Volunteer of the Month for March 2018. The award was presented to James Meaux by CCEMS Board President Ruben Gonzales at the April meeting of the Board of Directors.

20-year-old James Meaux joined CCEMS as a volunteer on November 9, 2017. Since then, he has donated 350 hours of his time to the CCEMS Community. James is a full-time college student who is working on his pre-med requirements. He plans to go to medical school to become an ER Physician or EMS Medical Director.

His day job is working as an EMT at the Harris County Emergency Corps where he works mostly as a special event EMT at NRG, Compass Stadium, and Toyota Center. He has gained a lot of his 9-1-1 experience as a CCEMS volunteer.

Meaux says, “I knew I found the right place by my second or third probationary shift because I was thoroughly enjoying myself, even though we were running non-stop calls. What I’ve gotten out of Cypress Creek is an unbelievable amount of experience and a lot of what I’ve learned is because of the In-Charge I ride with most often, Megan Butterbrodt, who is an amazing paramedic and teacher. Megan will always go out of her way to make sure you learn something or get to perform a skill in your scope of practice.”

Meaux has been interested in emergency medicine since he started volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol, where he spent a lot of time being trained (and training others) to perform search and rescue missions. He says for him emergency medicine is addictive, and he loves being able to learn anything about medicine and patient care, and learning how to handle so many different situations where a normal person would freak out and not know what to do.