CCEMS Blood Drive Coming up March 23

As you may know, Cypress Creek EMS is one of only two civillian emergency agencies in the entire United States that carry and transfuse blood in the field. So, we are doing our part to bolster supplies.

CCEMS uses type O blood which is considered universal. Women of childbearing years and children get O-Negative. Everyone else gets O Positive. About 38 percent of the population has O-Positive, but only seven percent have O-Negative. Plus, Blood Centers in the U.S. generally DO NOT produce whole blood. They seperate out blood donations into red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, because blood products have a longer shelf life.

But, recent battlefield experience has shown that whole blood does a better job of resuscitating patients with severe blood loss.

Before CCEMS made its transition from blood products to whole blood, the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center had to ramp up to produce whole blood specifically for CCEMS and our partner in this endeavor, Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department in the Katy area.

This is why our blood drives are so important to our groundbreaking whole blood program. The whole nation is watching what we do and other EMS systems are now moving in this direction.

Our next blood drive is on March 23, from 2:30 to 7 pm. To make your appointment online click here. 

If you give elsewhere please use our sponsor code, L987, so that Cypress Creek EMS gets credit for your gift of life.




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