Above and Beyond the Call

Recently, Medic 501 was called to the home of an elderly couple. The husband could not get up out of his shower chair and his wife was not strong enought to lift him, so she called for help. The couple ended up getting more help than they expected. While getting the man up and situated, Paramedic Cody Short and EMT Marlon Reyes learned that they were both retired marines and that recently someone ran over their mailbox.

The woman had bought a new one but she was so tired after taking care of her husband all day she just never had the energy to put it up. Cody said, “That’s when I look at Marlon and at the same time we both said let’s put it up. So, we took an extra 20 minutes of scene time to assemble and install their new mailbox and numbers.”

The act of kindness brought the couple to tears and they thanked the crew over and over. In response Cody said, “This is why we do what we do.”