Volunteer of the Month Honored

Congratulations to the CCEMS Volunteer of the Month for December, Stephan Kieval. Stephan is an EMT-Basic and has been a volunteer since October 24, 2016. Since joining CCEMS he has donated 395 hours of his time riding mostly with Medic 57 and Medic 528. Stephan put in 12 hours on Medic 528 during the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Stephan says he pursued his EMT certification when his father began having health problems about two years ago. He says his favorite thing about volunteering is learning from the staff. Stephan says, “I have learned much from Mark Yost, Robert Martin, Lynne Singleton, Chris Pena, and many others. Each day that I volunteer, I am learning something new.”

Paramedic Lynne Singleton says working with Stephan is like working with a regular staff member. She says, “He is a great volunteer, who loves to work at busy stations and run calls. He’s the type of guy who eagerly gets up in the middle of the night to go help our patients and pitches in to do whatever is needed.”

EMT Christopher Pena says, “He is always such an asset whenever he’s on the truck. He has great critical thinking skills and knows his way around an ambulance!! I’ve been on hectic calls with him and he’s right there with the best of them! He is definitely volunteer of the month material.”

Stephan is a full-time graduate student and works a full-time job. He’s been employed by an oil and gas surveying firm for more than five years.