CCEMS Patient Thanks Her Crew

On December 14, Belinda Davis’ hand was burned when a candle in a glass container exploded in her hand. It had caught fire and she was attempting to put it in the sink to put it out. That’s when it flared and exploded leaving her with second degree burns and huge blisters. Today (December 21) Belinda and her husband Ken stopped by to thank the crew. On the ambulance were Jonathan Flores, Jason Hulbert and James Barnes. Her 9-1-1 call taker was Matthew Bailey and her dispatcher was Ash Thompson.

L to R – Jonathan Flores, Jason Hulbert, Belinda Davis, James Barnes and Ash Thompson

Ken and Belinda own Champion Forest Air Conditioning. They donated two sets of Texans tickets and a parking pass for an employee drawing. Belinda drew the names which were EMTJames Sherman and Dispatcher Christine Whitelock. Belinda and Ken then took a tour of the Cypress Creek EMS Communications Center where their call came in on Decmeber 14th.

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