CCEMS Provides “Stop The Bleed” Training to Spring ISD Nurses

Students had a day off in the Spring School District on Monday, November 6th, but the employees didn’t. They had a full day of in-service training. For about 50 Spring ISD School Nurses that included a 2-hour Stop The Bleed course taught by Cypress Creek EMS Tactical Medics.They learned how to apply modern manufactured tourniquets to themselves and others, how to pack a wound, and how to train the rest of the employees in their respective schools. (Pictures below)

The class was taught by CCEMS Special Operations Supervisor Bobby Sellers. He was assisted in break-out sessions and timed drills by Suzanne Curran of the Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center and CCEMS Tactical Medics Jennifer Price, Ryan Jones, Donna Douglass.

Recently, CCEMS taught teachers, administrators, coaches and nurses at Klein ISD. CCEMS has also taught all of Klein ISD’s police officers. CCEMS Tactical Medics have provided similar training to several area school districts including Cy-Fair ISD and New Caney ISD. CCEMS assisted with training at Houston ISD and Katy ISD. CCEMS has also trained all of the fire departments within our 177 square miles coverage area, police officers from all over the region and every police cadet class coming out of U of H Downtown since 2012. The idea is that whoever arrives on the scene first can control the bleeding by applying a tourniquet or packing the wounds.

Since a person with a seriously comprised artery can bleed out and die in as little as three minutes controlling the bleeding until Cypress Creek EMS arrives is critical. CCEMS is one of only two EMS systems in the country that carry WHOLE BLOOD in the field for transfusion. The other is ESD 48 Fire/EMS in the Katy area. We are partners in the same program with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.