And, the October Volunteer of the Month is….

Congratulations to Trystan Foret, who is the Cypress Creek EMS Volunteer of the Month for October. The award was presented by Board President Greg Marwill at the October Meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors.

Trystan, who is an EMT-Basic, has only been with us since July but he’s already put in more than 630 hours. He worked 186 hours in July, which was his first month. He worked 216 in August including three days during the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. In September, he volunteered for 132 hours and so far in October he’s worked Two-24 hour shifts and Four 12 hour shifts. Oh, and he also gave blood at our September 29 Blood Drive, too.

And Trystan did all of this while going to school full time at Sam Houston State.

He first got into EMS as the age of 17. He was curious what it was like and was able to do a few observer shifts with a rural agency. After that, he decided to earn his EMT basic after graduating high school.

Trystan says that when he first started attending Sam Houston State he wasn’t able to begin working with an agency, but once school settled down he looked at EMS agencies in Huntsville and Houston and found CCEMS in the process. He had heard a lot about CCEMS already and decided to look into it more. After researching several agencies, he decided to apply for a volunteer position at CCEMS. Trystan says he chose CCEMS because of the reputation it had in the community but also its reputation on the national level.”

Trystan also liked CCEMS because of our bike team, tactical team, and paramedic program. After he finishes his Bachelor’s degree he plans on applying to the CCEMS Paramedic program.