More New Ambulances Hit the Streets

Three brand new Frazer Ambulances are on the streets. Medics 54, 521, and 528 received the new trucks this week. Their old ambulances will now become reserve units. There are now 15 Frazers in the Cypress Creek fleet. The first three were purchased in 2015. In 2016, Emergency Services District 11 bought six more and CCEMS bought three. This year, CCEMS bought three more.

Since Frazer is a local company headquartered in Bellaire that means the investment is infused into the local economy. The 15 Frazers purchased over the last three years amount to a total investment of nearly $2.6 million. There is another advantage to buying local. The folks at Frazer are very familiar with the hot, humid environments we work in every day, so they have made sure that the air conditioning systems are up to the challenge. You might say our new Frazers are cool in more than one way.

Station 54 was first to receive a new truck. Since the bay there is small, it was kind of tricky making the truck fit. It required switching to a stackable washer and dryer and moving the wheel block.