Evansville, Indiana to the Rescue

After our area got slammed and drenched by Harvey, Officer L.J. “Lenny” Reed of the Evansville Police Department began a relief drive there that snowballed into something huge. Lenny, along with 5 other EPD officers and a firefighter from the Evansville Fire Department have arrived at Cypress Creek EMS with 3 semis and 4 box trucks full of supplies donated by officers, firefighters and the citizens of Evansville and the Tri-State area. Scroll to bottom to view video interview.

On Saturday, a small army of volunteers unloaded and sorted supplies to get everything ready for distribution. Officer Reed wants to make sure first responders who got flooded are taken care of first but they brought so much, most of it brand new, that there will no doubt be supplies left for many other flood victims. About nine years ago, Officer Reed was first introduced to CCEMS as a student in our Tactical Medic Course which draws professionals from all over the world. He is now a certified instructor in our program and comes to Houston twice a year to teach.

Another truck showed up with supplies, this one from Connelly Springs, North Carolina. Kyle Boice and Richard Patton of the George Hildebran Fire and Rescue Department drove 21 hours to deliver supplies collected in their community. More trucks would show up over the coming days. See updates here and here.


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