July Volunteer of the Month


Congratulations to the July Volunteer of the Month, Jackie Salazar. Jackie joined Cypress Creek as a volunteer in December of 2010 and has given 964.5 hours of her time. She was nominated by In Charge Paramedic Monique Denney. Monique says she first met Jackie when she was a paramedic student and says she was instantly impressed by her motivation, skill set, bedside manner and team work in addition to the fact that she found time to volunteer in the first place while being a wife, mother, and student while working at least two jobs.

Jackie almost always volunteers for 24 hour shifts and those who work with her say she is very thorough about everything she does and that she helps from start to finish with everything from morning inventory–to de-con–to station duties–to mentoring students and tending to concerned family members of patients.

During on particular psych call Monique Denney recalls that,” Jackie did an excellent job keeping the patient calm and helping him to focus on positive things and even laugh during what was perhaps his worst and lowest day. You could see the difference she made in his care without question and we all know how challenging and delicate psych calls can be.”

Those who work with her say that Jackie really cares about our patients and it shows. She listens to them, she deescalates very complex calls and she is able to multi task the high demands of EMS-seamlessly and professionally. Moreover, she stays calm and focused on every call, no matter what the crew encounters and she is not afraid to volunteer at our busiest stations!

The award was presented by Board President Greg Marwill at the July meeting of the CCEMS Board of Directors.