David King Passes Away

“I am deeply saddened to announce the loss of our long-time member and dear friend, Dave King.  In his 40 years of service to Cypress Creek EMS, Mr. King served as an EMT, In-Charge Paramedic, and is a longtime member of the Board of Directors where he served in a variety of roles. To many of us he was also a trusted mentor and role model. There is no end to the list of contributions he made to the organization over the years. Mr. King has always been an integral part of shaping our culture and committed himself to helping preserve our history. His presence will be sorely missed, but his impact will be felt for years to come.” – Jim Van Hooser – CCEMS HR Manager

Mr. King passed away Monday night (July 10) at home surrounded by his family. Mr. King’s service at CCEMS began in 1977 as an EMT and ended as a member of the Board of Directors. He dedicated a large portion of his life to making CCEMS the internationally recognized EMS system it is today. Thanks for your service Mr. King. Rest in Peace. We’ve got it from here.

Editor’s note: One of the first stories I wrote when I arrived at Cypress Creek was about the incredible partnership and friendship between Dave King and Jim Cravens entitled “Two EMT-Ps in a Pod.” What made the story great was not the writing. It was the subject matter…two larger than life characters whose story paralelled the story of Cypress Creek EMS. You can read that story here. I have put together a gallery of pictures below that illustrates Mr. King’s service to his community through Cypress Creek EMS. Click on pictures for a larger view. At the bottom of the page I’ve included a couple of sound clips from an interview I did with Mr. King.


I taped the interview I did with Mr. King when I wrote the story about his partnership with Mr. Cravens. In this clip he talks about finding Cypress Creek. He and his wife Betty had just moved here from North Carolina. They had no family or friends here and Mr. King wanted to serve his new community in some way.

Mr. King had lots of stories about the early days of CCEMS including private ambulance services that would put sugar in their gas tank and try to scoop up patients if they got to the scene first. Mr. King says one night there was an injured Harris County Deputy who was having none of that.