June Volunteer of the Month Named

Congratulations to the June 2017 Volunteer of the Month, James Smith.

James is a paramedic who has volunteered with CCEMS for the last nine years and has donated more than 1800 hours of his time.

He was nominated for this honor by in charge paramedic Valerie Rosalessorto at Medic 501. Valerie says that “When James is on the truck she knows her shift is going to be much easier because he’s willing to jump in and do anything that is needed including cleaning and restocking.”

Valerie goes on to say that James is very patient, has a wonderful bedside manner with the patients and his humor keeps the crew laughing throughout the shift. James typically rides on weekend evenings. Scroll down to continue reading story.

James Smith started in EMS at the early age of 16, volunteering in an Emergency Room in North Carolina.  In 1985, he became certified and began working for the county ambulance service which paid for his college.  He also served for eight years in the Army rising to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. After that, he was hired by a large construction company.  During his regular time, James is the General Manager and Co-Owner of a fencing business employing 20 crews.

James says that “Volunteering gets in your blood.  I like giving back to my community.” The award was presented by Board President Greg Marwill at the board’s regular  monthly meeeting on June 28.