Welcome to our New Hires and Volunteer Recruits


Welcome to the new employees of Cypress Creek EMS. Of the 17, fourteen are EMTs and three are Paramedics. Five were already part of the CCEMS family. Tiffany Vanderhider, Chris Ganyard, Harry Ford-Foreman, and Josh Caldera were volunteers and Michael Parker was a dispatcher for the last two years.Tiffany, Chris and Michael recently graduated from our Accredited Paramedic Academy. In addition, Tiffany, who has been a volunteer for 10 years, was named Volunteer of the Month for May.

The New Hire Academcy runs from June 19 through June 16. During their class time they will learn CCEMS policies and procedures, get details about their benefits package, and receive training on driving an ambulance. All if this is followed up by field training which includes three driver training shifts, three Basic in Charge Training shifts for the EMTs and three Paramedic Training Shifts for the Paramedics.

They will also learn CCEMS medical protocols in the field and will have to pass a protocol test before hitting the streets as CCEMS EMTs and Paramedics, probably around the end of July.

The new hires, in alphabetical order, are Meredith Cabrera, Joshua Caldera, Harry Ford-Foreman, Chris Ganyard, Kamron Greer, Pete Hargrove, Eric Hilgendorf, Richard Montes, Jennifer Newcomer, Michael Parker, Christopher Pena, Ricky Perez, Rodrigo Solana, Michael Sharp, Jessica Swinea, Steven Townsley, and Tiffany (Kunz) Vanderhider.

Also, welcome to our 24 new volunteer recruits who began their training on Saturday with 8 hours of orientation.

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