Congrats to the EMT Graduates

They attended classes coordinated by Cypress Creek EMS for eight hours every Tuesday from January 10 through May 16 and today (May 20) the 30 EMT students graduated in a ceremony at CCEMS.

The class is sponsored by the following Fire Departments. Most of the students were from those departments, but there were also four civilians in the graduating class. Scroll down for graduation pictures and a list of the graduates.

Champions Fire Department

Cypress Creek Fire Department

Klein Fire Department

Little York Fire Department

Ponderosa Fire Department

Spring Fire Department

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The graduates in alphabetical order are

Last First Affiliation
Arguijo Jessica Civilian
Castillo Victoria SFD
Corley Cole KVFD
Davis Victoria KVFD
Espinoza Gilberto CCVFD
Estilette Casey CCVFD
Green Leon Denzel LYFD
Harvey Adam PVFD
Hernandez Benjamin KVFD
Holland Jr. Richard CESD
Hosler Zachary KVFD
Hurst Calvin SFD
Johnsen Michael Civilian
Jones Harold KVFD
Loeschen Makayla KVFD
Lucas Jay KVFD
Macys Matthew PVFD
Maldonado Adolfo CCVFD
Melvin Jacob KVFD
Mertz Joshua CCVFD
Perry Kristen CCVFD
Poole Leah KVFD
Sharp Michael Civilian
Sims Brenda Civilian
Sisson Jordan CCVFD
Smith Jeremy KVFD
Toliver Elvin PVFD
Weaver Kerry SFD
Wesley Garrett CCVFD

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