CCEMS Holds Its 32nd Tactical EMS Class


The 32nd Tactical Medical Class was held the week of May 1 at Cypress Creek EMS. The week-long course is presented twice a year. Appropriately enough, there were 32 students in Class # 32 and, as usual, the reputation of the class has drew students from all over Texas, the U.S., and the World.

These four gentlemen traveled the longest distance to get here. They are from Italy. From left to right they are Maurizio Pimponi and Bucci Fabrizio who are both EMT-Basics for an Italian Security Firm, Dr. Daniele Valsecchi who is a Neurosurgeon and also a medic for the Italian Red Cross Military Corps and Lorenzo Tiraboschi whom we call “Turbo.” Lorenzo is an Italian Army Veteran, a nurse at a London hospital and a Medic for the Italian Red Cross Military Corps. He was a student last spring in Class 30. He returned to CCEMS in the fall to become certified as an instructor in Class 31 and now, he is an instructor.

Cypress Creek’s Tactical Medic Team was founded by CCEMS Executive Director Brad England. Brad welcomed the students on their first day.

During the week, the students were pushed to their physical limits.


They also learned tactics, emergency medicine under fire including the proper use of combat application tourniquets, wound packing, basic treatment of injured police K-9s as well as how to safely move a K-9 who is protecting his wounded handler. They were gassed, tased, and run through a series of realistic scenarios including active shooters.

It is a challenging experience to be sure and one which makes them better prepared for any situation including delivering emergency care and extracting the wounded under fire. As our instructors often say, “They will not rise to the occasion. They will sink to their level of training.” And, that is why they will train so hard all this week.

Here’s a look at some of the physical conditioning activities.