Congrats to the Graduates of the 2016-17 Paramedic Class

Congratulations to the 2017 Paramedic Class Graduates who for the last 13 months had had little time for anything else but work, class, clinicals in the hospital emergency room, student time on the ambulances, and studying.

16 or the 18 graduates are CCEMS employees and two are volunteers.

They are James Burton, Jace Charlebois, Lymar Crockett, Chris DeFalco, Charity Fay, Jonathan Flores, Chris Ganyard, Jose Luis Garcia Jr., Lindon Glasscock, Lorena Martinez, Rosie Molinari, Taylor Morgan, Michael Parker, Casey Pruitt, Tony Rodriguez, Alexandra Snider, Cody Thorp, Tiffany Vanderhider.

The winner of the James F. Cravens Clinical Excellence Award for the 2016-17 class is Lymar Crockett. Taylor Morgan is the winner of the David R. King Academic Excellence Award, and the winner of the 2016-17 Ruben Gonzales Jr. Leadership Award is Jose Luis Garcia Jr. Note: Click on pictures for larger view.

Family, friends and colleagues filled the room to capacity.

But it’s not official until the diploma is in your hand.