April Volunteer of the Month

The April Volunteer of the month is Eliza Herrera. She began going out on the ambulances as a paramedic volunteer last summer (July 2016). Even though she’s relatively new to CCEMS, she’s already made quite an impression on the crews with whom she has worked.  Eliza was nominated by In-Charge Paramedic Paola Arias who describes Eliza as an amazing person who teaches her something every time they ride together. Paola says Eliza passes no judgment and always sets a positive mood no matter what environment she is in. Eliza was presented with the award by CCEMS Board President Greg Marwill at the April meeting of the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors.

EMS is a passion for Eliza. It’s also her day job. She is a supervisor at Coastal EMS.Here’s her story in her own words.

“My passion for EMS started as a little girl, even if I did not know it at the time. I have always considered myself as a caretaker. I love to care for the people around me. Eventually, as I grew up, I decided to put my interest about how the human body works together with my love to care for people. This resulted into a lifelong passion, and I have been an EMS provider for 10 years. Over the course of this time I have seen many things and have done even more, but what keeps me going is my passion. What I love the most about this field is that even when I am waking up early for a shift, I am delighted and do not feel as if I am going to work. One of my goals in life was to pursue a career that I did not dread waking up in the mornings for. I would say that I have accomplished and exceeded this goal. My future goals include continuing to volunteer to serve my community, as well as maintaining my supervisor position and help new providers develop their passion for EMS.”