Bleeding Control Training for Gun Owners

Cypress Creek EMS Special Ops Supervisor Bobby Sellers along with Station Captain and Tactical Medic Jennifer Price brought bleeding control (B-CON) training to the Spring Chapter of The Well Armed Woman during the group’s April meeting at Spring Guns and Ammo. One of the group’s leaders, Jane Wilson, went through one of our public B-CON training sessions in January. She immediately asked us to put on a Stop The Bleed program for her group and teach them how to pack a wound and apply a combat application tourniquet.

For years, Cypress Creek EMS has been providing this training to Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters so that whoever arrives first at an accident or shooting scene can stop the bleeding while we are on the way. But, before any first responder arrives there are always bystanders on the scene. Until help arrives, they are the help. If they know how to stop severe bleeding they can literally save a life. Someone with a severely compromised femoral (thigh) artery can bleed out and die in as little as three minutes. Our average response time is about 8 minutes.


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