CCEMS Dispatchers Get The Star Treatment

As National Telecommunicators Week (NTW) began it was a bit dreary outside the Cypress Creek EMS Communications Center. But not inside. Niky Smith and Lori Broadrick always go all out on NTW decorations in the Comm Center, but this year they’ve outdone themselves. Com Center has been transformed into Hollywood complete with Papparzzi, a red carpet and a walk of fame featuring everyone’s names.

After all, telecommunicators are among the the stars of emergency response. They are the first, first responders who set everything in motion calling out ambulances and fire trucks and then staying on the telephone line to assist with everything from comforting words to instructions on how to do CPR while the ambulance is on the way. Every once in a while they even talk someone through childbirth and they are the first to experience the pain of a caller who is worried whether their loved one will survive.

CCEMS call takers and dispatchers handle 9-1-1 calls and dispatch for a total of 16 agencies including most of the fire departments in the northern portion of the county. Many of those departments show their appreciation by bringing over breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the dispatchers during National Telecommunicators Week (April 9 – 15). This week we remember those who are often forgotten in the world of emergency response and thanks to Niky, Lori and area fire departments they are being treated like the stars they are and eating like stars as well. There’s even a movie theater snack bar and movie star gifts bags.

Oh, and since the theme is Hollywood. Here’s a movie.